User agreement
This Agreement sets terms of use for the materials and services of (further - «Site») by the Users.
    • General terms and conditions
    • The use of all Site materials and services is regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    • This Agreement is a public offer. Accessing the Site's materials the User is considered to join this Agreement.
    • The Site Administration has the right to uni-laterally change conditions of this Agreement at any time. Such changes become operational in 3 (Three) days after the new version of the Agreement is posted on the Site. If the User disagrees with changes made he/she must withdraw access to the Site, stop using its materials and services.
    • User obligations
    • The User agrees not to take actions that can be considered as violation of the Russian leg-islation or the terms of international law, in-cluding the fields of intellectual property, copyright and/or neighboring rights, or any actions which lead or may lead to abnormal operation of the Site and its services.
    • The use of the Site materials without rightholders' permission is forbidden (article 1270 C.C. of the Russian Federation). For le-gal use of the Site materials it is obligatory to sign license agreements with the rightholders (obtain licenses).
    • Quoting the Site materials, including secured original works, the link to the Site is mandatory (Article 1274, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph 1 C.C. of the Russian Federation).
    • The User's comments and other posts on the Site should not contradict with the Russian legislation requirements and universally rec-ognized norms of morality and ethics.
    • The User is notified that the Site Admin-istration does not take responsibility for his/hers visiting and use of external resources, links to which may be on the Site.
    • The User agrees that the Site Administration doesn't take responsibility and doesn't have direct or indirect obligations to the User in association with any possible or emerged losses or damages connected to any Site con-tent, copyright registration and data about it, goods and services, available on or received on external sites or resources, any other Us-er's links he/she may encounter using infor-mation on the Site, or links to external re-sources.
    • The User accepts the term that all Site mate-rials and services or any parts of it may be accompanied with advertisement. The User agrees that the Site Administration doesn't take any responsibility and has no obligations in association with that advertisement.
    • Other conditions
    • All possible disputes following this Agree-ment or connected with it are to be resolved in conformity with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    • Nothing in this Agreement can be considered as establishment of agency relationship, partnership, joint activity, individual recruit-ment or any other relationship between the User and the Site Administration, which is not directly provided by the Agreement.
    • If the court declares invalidity of any condi-tion of the Agreement or considers it unen-forceable, it does not entail the invalidity of other Agreement conditions.
    • The Site Administration’s inaction in case of User's violation of the Agreement conditions doesn't deprive of the Site Administration's right to take corresponding actions to protect their interests and copyright on legally pre-served Site materials later.
The User confirms being familiar with all the para-graphs of this Agreement and accepts them uncondi-tionally!
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