Mansion in Khilkov lane

Mansion in Khilkov lane is located in the heart of Moscow, between Prechistenskaya and Ostozhenka streets on a conservation area among the monuments of ancient architecture — Zachatyevsky Monastery and Mansion of I.S. Turgenev.


Mansion in Khilkov lane is created as an individual project in the style of soft high-tech and sustainably combines traditional elements with modern trends. He fits perfectly into the urban landscape thanks to variable height (5 and 6 floors) and pastel painting of facades, traditional architecture of old Moscow.


In the facades of the building we used granite and marble. Bright accent, which will highlight the uniqueness and style of the building are bright windows. The total area of view is almost two-thirds of the facade.


Mansion stands out due to sustainable and thoughtful interior solutions, luxurious entrance design. The spacious lobby and elevator portals are made of natural stone.

Range of Works

Project management, acting as a technical customer and principal contractor.


The project was implemented as part of JSC UKS-Vostok