Has been working in building sector since 2001.
Alexey Minakov

Alexey was born in 1980. Graduated in 2002 from the faculty of Heat and Power Construction in Moscow State University of Civil Engineering with a degree in «Industrial and civil construction». Continued his education in Financial Management Department of he Financial University Under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2013 graduated with a degree in «Finance and Credit».

Alexey's career in conduction started in 2001. He has wide work experience in construction sector management systems, structures of Moscow Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He managed construction projects in major metropolitan investment construction companies. One of those is «Barkli Plaza» multifunctional complex, a flagship object of «Barkli» Corporation.

Alexey is actively engaged in sports, including racing and ski-racing, being master of sport orienteering in Russia.

Engaged in projects